Skydda våra skogar!

Så här säger min vän Staffan Widstrand:S 

Time to sign up for our Swedish national forests! This is a petition to the government to make use of the publicly owned forests, owned by the state forestry company Sveaskog, for the government to order Sveaskog to take the lead in a much more sustainable forestry and the offsetting of large tracts of natural forest as reserves. Right now those forests, owned by all Swedish citizens together, are being mercilessly cut, since the company have for so many years cut so much too much of their forests, that the normal production forests are now too young still to be commercially interesting. So instead they are cutting our most biodiverse, unique and precious old-growth forest instead. s a Swedish citizen, I am one of the owners of these forests and I sign this petition because I want that stupid, shortsighted, greedy, un-natural, destructive and in every way scandalous and horrible practice to stop, immediately. Cheers, Staffan.

Här finns en länk till Vår Skog!

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